Feeling Creative

I was feeling a little creative this evening.  This is what I did.  ;D

Have a great weekend!

Design Jen Maddocks/jencropable
Defective Photo Films by Hest
Ali Edwards Everyday Hand-Drawn Brushes
Katie Pertiet Floral Edgers No2
Fonts Palatino Linotype, Will & Grace

3 Responses

  1. wonderful page!!! great photos!!! you did an awesome job!!! Michelle
  2. Jill
    AWESOME!!! Can you come take pictures of my boys?
  3. Jeni
    This is a great page! I just registered for that class....I can't believe I'm a little nervous! My counters are completely cluttered, I have this sinus infection still, the boys are always here...what have I done! I've chosen to do something for myself? Yee--ikes!! Completely unprecedented, yet here we go! Prepare to hold my virtual hand, toots!