Fear…and Perspective

I gained a little perspective today by reading two blog posts.  One was by someone you may not know...my friend Kendra.  The other was by someone very well known...Ali.  These posts really had nothing to do with each other.  But they had much meaning for me.

1.  I've been struggling with creative fear.  Fear of putting myself out there and people won't like my stuff and therefore not like me. I'm so closely related to my work.  It's like an extension of me...heck it's a part of me!  That said I do know from taking numerous art-type classes all growing up, through college and even now in my adult life (just getting done with Oh Shoot!) you have to learn how to separate yourself from your work to a certain degree to be able to accept "constructive criticism" in order to improve.  Oh so hard, so hard!  When you see it as a part of yourself it's hard to not take the criticism as not toward your work but towards YOU! ;D

I heard it put recently that fear establishes the limits of our lives.  Oh how I know this to be so, so true.  How often have I let fear rule my life and have let it keep me from doing this or that.  How it keeps me from stepping out and putting myself out there for fear of rejection.  Of people rejecting not just my work...but ME!

That said I went to Ali's blog this morning and read her post.  I love it when I 'happen' upon a blog post that is all about where I am right at that moment!!!  In her post right now I'm all those things but mostly #3 People not appreciating what we create.  So, so feeling that.  This was what she has to say about that...

3. People not appreciating what we create. Here's the plain truth: people will either love, hate, or be indifferent to what you create. You are the one who needs to love it, feel good about it, and not worry about what anyone else thinks. Most likely your family is going to either love or be indifferent towards your projects...and indifference doesn't mean they don't love you any less. Some of the things we create now may not be appreciated until later on - and that is ok too. This is why I encourage you to get to a place where you enjoy the process now - where you are filled up by what you are creating or by the friendships you are making through scrapbooking or by the stories you are telling and the memories you are recounting.

While this is so what I needed to hear...it is still not necessarily easy to DO!  But I'll work at it!  ;D

2.  The other thing that I really needed to hear today was perspective of someone else.  Someone at a different stage in their life.  While I feel like what I am struggling with is the be-all-and-end-all-of-life (and to me it IS pretty important) there are other people out there who have their own things that are just as important to them...just different.  When I read Kendra's blog post today I remember all those feelings of being overwhelmed with cleaning the house and once one room gets cleaned its turning around to clean the one you just did.  I was thinking about when I had two young babies then toddlers and then two preschoolers and how I never had any time for anything I wanted to do.  I could just feel what she is feeling right now.  And I still do feel some of that.  I don't have time to do it all.  ( BTW...I would love to have a personal trainer Kendra!!!  And to only have to loose 10lbs!  Wow!  I'd be styling!!!)

All this to say...now my girls are older.  Life is at a different stage now.  I'm able to do more of my hobby.  When I was back there in that other stage I NEVER thought I'd get out of it.  EVER.  It was a great reminder to read her blog post today and know that what I am struggling with now...one day will be a distant memory...just like this creative fear that I have right now.  I'll look back and go...wow...I never thought I'd get out of THAT stage of my life.  And I will. ;D  And if YOU are struggling with anything today.  You will too!  You may not think so...I never do when I'm in the middle of it...but you will!

Here is a fantastic quote I found recently...

“Always do what you are afraid to do.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

So with that thrown out there I'll throw another one...here's another paper pack that I've been working on.  I'm facing my fear of rejection...he he!


Download Spring Fling here.

Have a fantastic day!!!

6 Responses

  1. Jen... this was really inspiring... and made me think... we can either bring all the baggage with us into the next phase... or embrace the things we are going through... For me I'd rather embrace what I'm going through... no matter how difficult it may seem, because it will show my growth as a person, friend, artist, wife, mother and child of God... And you my friend have nothing but beauty that surrounds you.. your talent is amazing... your digi work inspires me... your photographs challenge me. I am blessed to have you as a friend!!! Enjoy this phase... the next one will come all in good time... And as for your friend Jill... tell her I'm right there with her and the kindergartener... except I'll be... hummm mmmm... ten years older than her with mine... a little hard to swallow... but I'M LOVING THIS PHASE... and wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!!! Blessings to you and your Mother's day... I hope it's WONDERFUL... just like you!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Jen this is an excellent POST!! I know we have all had these same feelings at one time or another in our lives...we are human!! I agree with Ali, we must love what we do! I believe in that 100%! My husband does not have one artistic drop of blood running through his body. He never looks at my work unless I show it to him and then he just grunts...he honestly could care less...But you know what...I don't care what he thinks...I don't take photos or scrap for him...I do it for ME!! I got wound up in trying to scrap like this one friend of mine...I loved her pages and I got frustrated when mine didn't look as good...but then I realized what am I doing? This is my work...I need to do this for me and not try to be like everyone else...I love your work Jen, it's beautiful!! I am so glad you share it with us...it is a great privilege, blessing and honor to find people who enjoy the same things that I do...don't you dare get discouraged!! And when you design something do it for yourself first!! You are number ONE!! Isn't it sweet that every time we use your designs a little bit of yourself is in our art work, that is so cool! As to being overwhelmed and wondering if we can get through the tough times!! YES we can!! The first half of my life was rough, really rough...But if it hadn't happened the way it did I wouldn't be here where I am now and I love where I am and what I do now!! We must always look for the positive things in life...ALWAYS!! Life is short! I truly believe God has a plan for us and he won't give us anymore than we can handle...I know sometimes that is easier said than done!! Life is constantly changing and we have to remember this...but always look for that positive it's there!! I want to thank you for this beautiful post and for keeping me on track...You have a beautiful weekend and a wonderful Mothers Day!! It's your day to enjoy so do what you want...the housework, etc will be there Monday, lol....Big HUGE hugs :o)
  3. Jill
    hmmm. This from the person who informed me I would be 40 with a Kindergartner!!!! Talk about never being over. Ok I feel better now. luv ya
  4. Ann
    Dear Jen, you are a wonderful artist, we have talked about your wonderful pictures, your sense of style de-cluttered, clean, beautiful. Please do not fear for approval, you are an inspiration to me and many of us. Your generosity in opening your heart and life to all of us trough this blog is so appreciated. This posting in this blog made me reflect so much and help me to reach to other also like you again. Fondly. Ana
  5. First off Jen, your work is amazing! Your photography inspires me. I have downloaded all your digital designs and hope to digiscrap this weekend. You hit the nail on the head. I do wonder if this phase of my life will ever be over. Some days I want it to be over and others I relish it. You are a wonderful friend, thanks for the encouragement.
  6. Jeni
    Preaching to the choir, Sistah Friend! Great blog this day. And GUESS WHAT? I loooove everything you do, and I like you, and I love you! (dearly, not queerly) You'll always win with me! (And God too, I'll bet!)