Fall Festival

Here's a quick layout I did of Laney at the C2E Fall Festival.  It's for the Saturday Challenge.  Again...I wasn't going to do the Saturday Challenge.  But this picture just came together and I got thinking about what paper I would use with it and voila!!!  Funny how that works.

Design Jen Maddocks/jencropable
All paper and elements from Lynn Grievenson Barcelona Digital Kit
Font Palatino Linotype

The basic premise of the Saturday challenge is to take an off centered photo right now and use it in a layout that will take you 30 minutes from start to finish.  Use a basic title like today add some journaling an embellisment maybe use a couple of techniques learned from class, don't freak out and have fun!  What generally happens is because of time constrains you revert to what you know and that is generally what "your style" is.  I like this week's lo very much.  I just like it when things come together and I know you know what I mean!  ;D

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