Extra + Ordinary = lunch break

I came out of the grocery store frazzled.  It was mobbed.  It's what I get for shopping the day before Thanksgiving.  The girls were trying...but they were being a little bit bad.  I was in there a lot longer than I wanted to be.  People...well some people...were horribly rude.

When we came out into the parking lot the sun was shining and I noticed...all of a sudden...just how warm of a day it was.  It felt like summer.  It made me smile.  It's amazing what a smile will do for you when you feel stressed.  It was getting close to lunch.  Corey had forgotten his lunch by the front door.  Not the first time he's done this mind you...maybe he did it on purpose...hmmm...so I texted him and suggested we meet and eat on the picnic tables at his work.  ;D

Where Corey works...on the surface...what you might see are just office buildings and pavement, cars and a tech park.  But we took a little walk around the buildings and this is what I saw...

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