Everyday Inspiration…from Quilt patterns

I love quilts.  I love quilt squares.  I love fat quarters.  I love fabric.  I love to sew...I may not be an 'expert' like some...but I dabble.  ;D

I've toyed with the idea of making scrapbook pages look like quilting blocks for some time now.  I had some time yesterday to kick this idea around.  Seriously...this new laptop is so fast I was able to do laundry, clean the kitchen, do housework AND create two layouts!!!  Woohoo! ;D  I had a pretty productive day yesterday...ok...so maybe it wasn't all the laptop...maybe I just had a good day...but it sure beat sitting around waiting for it to think about what it might like to do some time...;D

One of my favorite quilting blocks is the star.  For example...


I played around in Photoshop til I got a basic star pattern and then I created the following two layouts...


Lynn Grievenson Cherry Festival Paper Pack, French Summer (paper, flower, button, postage stamp)
Katie Pertiet Lil Bits Black Alpha, Stamped Stitches No5
Michelle Coleman Floral Stitches Vol#1, Vintage Dreams (stitched frame)
Font Bickham Script Pro


yellow paper Lynn Grievenson French Summer kit
blue paper Studiographics Little Lola kit
Anna Aspnes Something Springy Edge Overlay
stitch Katie Pertiet Simple Spring Mini Kit
Ali Edwards Design The Story Word Art + Hand-drawn Brushes
Katie Pertiet Journaling Brushes-n-Stamps
Jen Wilson Designs Worn Foam Stamps Series Two
design, template, 2009 brush Jen Maddocks Designs

What types of things inspire you?  Don't be shy...leave a comment!!!

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  1. Jill
    So what inspires me. Well yes quilts and fabric, as I love to sew. Driving around Colorado seeing the rolling hills, fresh snow, and mountains. And well sometimes the huge explosion of fabric and scrapbooking supplies that cover my corner of the basement.