Evening Walk

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  1. Jen - - these photos are AWESOME!! can I say I'm jealous!!!.... you certainly seem to have been busy...wonderful work!!!! me... busy with everything it seems but scrapping!!! trying is all I can say... BTW - - the Jen Wilson stamps I got on www.peachycheap.com - - she only sells one thing (or grouping) per day... it's an awesome site... and everything always sooooooooo cheap!!! But beware... the postage is ALWAYS $4.99/per item of the day... so if you buy 2 you pay $9.98 for shipping and they come together... which kinda stinks... but when you see the prices of everything... somehow it's okay if you're only buying one... can I tell you... those 6 packets were only $3.99 + $4.99 shipping - but retail they are $2.50 each X 6 = $15.00 - - I did find a link that has some... at reg. price -- http://www.scrapbookexpress.com/mymieyeclst.html long enough comment... miss you.. and sorry I haven't been around - hope this info helps you.. {{HUGS}} Michelle