Evening Bike Ride

We went on a bike ride this evening. We waited till around 7pm so it would be cooler. It was a wonderful evening. I on purpose did not take my camera. Instead here are some things I noticed.

The smell of someone grilling.

Riding through warm and cold patches of air.

Lots and lots of people gathered on their back patios sitting in chairs.

The sound of children playing.

Dogs barking.

Smelling fresh cut grass.

Gnats getting in my face and remembering to keep my mouth shut...then they got in my eyes.

Robins chirping.

Rabbits scattering.


Other families out for a bike ride.

How fast and how well Ava can ride her bike now.

How much I love to ride a bike and how it makes me feel like I'm a kid again riding around like I used to all summer long.

How thirsty I got and how I really need to get a camelbak cause the water bottles just aren't cutting it.

How much I love my family and love doing things with them.

It was really nice to not take the camera but just to experience it this way. Try it!!

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