Ava turned 8 yesterday.  I know I say this every time she hits a milestone or a birthday comes along.  I just wonder where the time has gone.  It flies.  She's getting so tall and grown up!  She got several things for her birthday.  Among them was a Nintendo DS.  It's pink.  Yeah, she's in love with it!


We took her out to eat.  She chose Red Robin.  That kind of surprised me because Chili's is her favorite.  Well, it was until a few months ago she got food poisoning there and puked up her din din.  Now it's not always the first and foremost choice.  Can't say as I blame her!  She did get ice cream.  She shared a little with her sister.  Laney is allergic (ie severely lactose intolerant!!) to ice cream so she just had some of the whip cream off the top.  Which she is also not supposed to have but it doesn't seem to bother her quite as badly as ice cream.  Of course after Laney was shoveling it in Ava started rethinking the whole sharing thing. ;D



"Ok, Laney...you've had enough!!!!!!!"


Happy Birthday Ava-girl!


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  1. Happy Birthday Ava!!! Hope it was filled with wonderful things!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. It looks like Ava had a wonderful Birthday!! Good job Mom! I've learned with Michael one day or month something may be his favorite than WhamOoo...it changes...But I can't blame Ava for changing restaurants if she got sick... LOL to the ice cream sharing photos...Too cute and too funny!! Great capture!
  3. The expression on Ava's face in "hey..." is priceless. If there is a contest out there you should submit that one. Aww the DS. Ryan has one, I play it more than he. It is currently missing now (not sure what it is with us and electronics!) Just know that if the hinges where out within the warranty, Nintedo will fix it! A video game store told me otherwise :( I waited past the warranty and paid someone $50 to fix it on ebay which turned out great if I can find where we put it!
  4. Jeni
    Oh my goodness! She's 8!? Sweetest little girls that you have are growing up way too fast. You're right. :( Adam just turned 10, it doesn't seem possible!! Love the photo of "Hey! No more!"