Easy…but not.

I've been "away" this summer.  Choosing to "play" with the girls rather than "work".  It was a much needed break that I didn't know I needed...know what I mean? ;D

Today was their first day back to school.  It gets easier every year because they are getting older and we know the routine.  I didn't even have to get them out of bed this morning. ;D

It doesn't get any easier on my heart.  No matter how old they get.   Some things never change.

2 Responses

  1. ummmmmmm totally get this... how is it that time flies so fast... it's a love/hate relationship....the girls look wonderful!!! I too took a much needed blogging break... still not up to speed.... but getting back in slowly.... hope all is well.... miss you!! have a lovely day!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. aw, this is a sweet photo. No, it doesn't (get easier on the heart)...my niece left for college this morning, got all teared up texting with my SIL, and they are clear across the country. Glad you got the break you needed! Hugs, Diane