Easter Craft

My girls love doing crafts.  I can't imagine where they got THAT from.  I made up an Easter craft for each of them to do this afternoon after school.  They did fantastic.  I cut shapes with my Cricut Expressions and then got some embellishments for them (kid craft section in Walmart) to add to it.  It is neat seeing them becoming budding artists. ;D



Then I was practicing with the Aperture on my camera.  It is what we are learning about this week in Oh Shoot! ;D


shutter 1/15s
aperture f/6.3
ISO 200


shutter 1/60s
aperature f/1.8
ISO 200

2 Responses

  1. Jill
    Hey. Just caught up on your blog. Talking aboutlife getting the way! Anyhow I had this same easter craft idea today while i was in my basment visiting my cricut. And finding my stretch your imagination cartridge. Yay me. And you would be so proud I got a start on stuff for Steven's class. And am in the mood to scrapbook once again. And I have exciting news! Jon who has taken notice of how hard I work to take care of him and the kids. Has bought me a.... digital SLR!!! Woohoo, It came in the mail this week. Amazing what broken bones can do for a person. So far I have found the on and full auto button. But am so excited to learn more and take awesome pictures like my bestest friend. And we have peace about Ryan. I will call u to tell you about the appointment. And last but not least. Excellent photos. The eggs look so 3-D, and the picture of the water fall is amazing the details. Way to go. Yay for OH Shoot. much love
  2. Isn't it amazing the difference aperture makes...when you used the f/6.3 shutter 1/15 did you use a tripod? It's a clear crisp photo....You are a good Mom for doing crafts with your daughters!! They will grow up to be better people knowing they can make things! I love my Mother for doing that with me when I was young and I am so glad my son will grab paper, punches, etc when I am scrapping and make something...Makes my Heart happy :o)