Early signs of Spring

Confirmed sightings of robins this morning!  I thought I saw one a week or so ago.  February is about the time we start seeing them again here.  Ava confirmed seeing some this morning on our way to school.  In general I have been hearing a lot more birds lately.  AND...the geese are starting to fly north...or maybe there are just more hanging around here waiting for it to get warmer elsewhere, I don't know.  Seems like there are an influx of them (geese) flying around like there are when they all leave...usually another sign of spring.  Don't know what it is about here but it is a mecca for Canadian geese! ;D

Here's a lo with some photos of this weekend's bike ride...


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  1. Jeni
    Hey girl, just so you know, we've been blessed with 8 inches of snow recently, with the expectation of 10+ this tomorrow afternoon! Bike riding, what's THAT!?