Dog Park

There is a great dog park not far from where we live that we like to take the dogs to.  This dog park allows you to let your dog off leash.  Skits made his maiden voyage to it the other day.  He did well.  We took both dogs again today.  We love this place.  There are acres and acres for them to run!  It helps tire them out...something we've discovered Skits really needs! ;D

This last picture is rather humorous in that Ava is covering her face with her handkerchief.  We called her a "Magritte" after Magritte's famous painting The Lovers...

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  1. Wendy N
    Wow a dog park, how cool is that. What I love is the view of the mountains, sheesh!! Why aren't you outside taking more photos???? You need to and then share them, absolutely gorgeous. Laughing at Ava and the refrence to the painting, too funny!