Documenting Easter

How was your Easter?  I think I want to make sure I document the day now while its still fresh in my mind.  Before I forget.

Corey and I stayed up late...hmmm...was it Christmas?...stuffing eggs and hiding them.  I filled the girls baskets and put them on the kitchen table.  Now it looks like I went a little overboard...but I did not!! was just that what I got didn't fit in the baskets.  I just didn't think about that when getting the stuff.  Oops!

easter baskets

The kids wanted a really hard Easter egg hunt this year so I hid them really least my eggs.  Corey didn't hide his very hard.  He said, "If you hide them too hard they will be looking for them all year!"  Turns out he was the wise one I hid them too hard...or rather the kids weren't really ready for what they truly asked for.  Either way I ended up helping them with hints.  When Corey got out of the shower I told him and he said, "Well why did you do that?  Make 'em work for them!"  I can't please anyone!!!!

We headed off to church.  I wanted to get some photos of the girls in their Easter dresses.  As usual they didn't cooperate very well.  They just wanted to make funny faces.  This is the only one I got that was 1/2 way decent.  It doesn't even show all of their dresses.  Oh well.

a + l Easter dresses

After church we headed over to my bff's house for Easter dinner.  The kids all sat down in the living room and started playing.  It was adorable!!!

playing on floor



Then the kids took to playing with their Leapsters...



We had a non-traditional meal of was yummy!!!!!  I ate too much but it was worth it.  We actually served something that Ava would eat...just not Laney.  She had pizza.  How pathetic!  Do you have picky kids???


The one thing I didn't get to (with my girls) was coloring eggs.  And I really wanted to!  Fortunately Jill saved the day and planned this part of Easter.  She graciously included my girls.  My girls have never colored hard boiled eggs before. ;D

How much fun they all had!


We wrapped it all up with a mini egg hunt for the kids. ;D  Boy did my girls score in the egg hunt department this year...three total!!!  I also got some more lovely photos of Jill's youngest.  He is a fantastic subject!  This one is my fave...


Hope your Easter was wonderful.  If you haven't...take a moment to document your day...while the memories are still fresh! ;D

2 Responses

  1. Wow it sounds like y'all had a really nice Easter!!...Why have you never dyed easter eggs with your daughters? I hate doing it but do it every year, lol...ugh!! Your daughters looked adorable in their Easter dresses, glad you got some photos! As to picky eaters my son is the worst...Love the photos you took!! Great job on the memories!
  2. Jill
    These have to be the Cutest darn kids ever!!!! Helps to have such a great photographer too! Yes I'm biased.