December Daily

Welcome December.  I have decided to do Ali Edwards December Daily Album.  Here is one of her blog posts about it.  Here is another link to photos of another one she has done.  I love the concept.  I believe I am organized enough to try it.  She suggests doing it all ahead of time before December hits and then that way all you have to do in December is just add photos, cards, santa lists, wrapping paper scraps, memorabilia and whatever else strikes your fancy.  I have all the stuff to make my album.  I'm in the process of it.  But I am not finished.  I'm not THAT organized yet...;D  However I did take photos today and so I have my first photo to put in my mini album.  Yay!

Fresh Snow + An Eager Girl Home From School = An Extraordinary Moment

Ali Edwards 31 Days Circle Accents
Ali Edwards Font
Ali Edwards 25 Days of December Photo Overlays

So you are saying...I just don't have time.  I'm too overwhelmed? are gonna take photos this time of year anyway...right???  Especially this time of year I would think.  If you don't have time to do the album...then save everything to do in January when everything slows down.

Here's another reason to get motivated about taking daily photos in December.  Check out this on Jessica Sprague's blog.  I'm not going to tell you what it have to go there.  Trust will want to check it out...and you will wanna take daily photos!!! ;D

Happy Monday!

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