December Daily wrap up



photo mask and paper (coming soon), date stamp Jen Maddocks Designs
paper, candy canes Jesse Edwards
oh Christmas tree Katie Pertiet
bird, postage stamp Flitter kit Lynn Grieveson

paper, word art, date stamp, wreath, flower Jen Maddocks Designs
star, ribbon Flitter kit Lynn Grieveson

How was your Christmas?  I still have a touch of something but ours was good.  We are loving our Wii!  Best gift ever!  I must say I'm not a big fan of video games in general.  I didn't think I'd ever own something of this nature...however I stand corrected.  I totally recommend it.  If you get a Wii I recommend the Wii Sports Resort.  We've had the most fun with those far.  Maybe I like them so much cause I'm actually good at a lot of them...when usually I'm terrible at video games!  Especially the Frisbee Dog.  LOVE that one.  I kick butt at it! ;D  So I will say not all is not right with the world when the kids lose or are playing against each other and one wins over the other one.  Sometimes the Wii needs to "go away" for awhile. ;D  But I hear we aren't the only ones with that problem! ;D  Like right now.  Laney is in her room crying.  I'm sure soon it will be Ava.

3 Responses

  1. ummmm love this... amazing lo... can't believe you're doing so much and sick... hope you're feeling better!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. WendyN
    The girls did a great job on the tree. You did a great job on the layouts! So glad y'all enjoyed your Christmas and Yea you've finished your December Daily!! Good luck with the Wii :o) Michael's Xbox 360 croaked the other day. One day before the warranty expired. I sent it in yesterday and they're fixing it for free. He's upset and keeps asking when he's going to get it back, ekk...
  3. Jill
    Ryan cries when anyone beats him at sword duel. He cried to tonight cause Steven won so I had to let him beat me so he was happy again. Wii Resort rocks. Jon and I have stayed up late the last 2 nights playing. So far i beat him at most of it. :)