Winner + Dec Daily over the weekend

Ok so the random winner of the challenge is Elizabeth!  Congratulations!

On Saturday we were out and about and turned into Tagawa Gardens (the same place Laney went on her field trip in October) just to look around.  I just wanted to look in the gift shop as I had seen some cute things while there on the field trip.  I knew Corey wouldn't really be all that thrilled with a store like this so I promised 30 minutes and he could even set the timer on his phone! ;D  Luv you Honey!

Well I wasn't even thinking...cause duh...they had Christmas trees and all kinds of stuff for Christmas.  They had totally restocked the place for Christmas + Holiday shopping.  And...the best part...the place was FULL of poinsettias!!!  As far as the eye could see!  A perfect photo op!  And of course now that I carry my camera with me at all times in my new Tamrac camera bag...well I just whipped that sucker out and away I went!

Ava was being overly photogenic..."Mom!  Take a picture of me here.  Take a picture of me next to this plant.  What about over here?  How about over there?  What if I tilt my head like this?"  It was quite humorous and you KNOW I took advantage of it...cause she doesn't do it often!!!! ;D

You can view all of the photos on my private gallery here.  Yes I am still messing around with Lightroom. ;D  And my favorites of the day are as follows...

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  1. Awesome photos!!! How great! Ava looks beautiful, and of course you HAD TO take advantage... there are just some days when it all clicks and they want to be in a picture!!! Love all the flowers and Laney is so cute... you can tell she loves taking pictures.... anyway... love them. Absolutely beautiful!!!