December Daily Day Two 12.2.2010

Two days in a row...I'm not sure what to think or do with myself. ;D  Today the flow of photos was so different from yesterday.  I have given up trying to determine how the day is going to go and what I'm going to take photos of...I did that when I did a Week in the Life project.  When I try to control things they just don't come out as well as when I let go. ;D  I started out taking photos of the sunrise and ironically ended the day taking photos of the sunset.  Both were stunning.  I also let Laney open her birthday presents 1 day early.  I know she would want to open them first thing tomorrow morning...and with the craziness of getting ready for school it just wouldn't be practical.  There's also no way on earth she would wait all day till she got home.

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The words on the second page of this layout come from a song called Remember Me by Kutless. (Song link is under layout if you want to listen.)  It isn't particularly a Christmas song.  But I was reminded today that Jesus came this Christmas season.  He "left Heaven to save liars and theives, sinners like me."  So glad.

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  1. Love your layouts. What is the font for the number 2? I love it.
  2. Just beautiful! Keep up the good work!