December Daily day 4

My picture for today came from the field trip I went on with Ava.  Her class went to the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver.  I was to take photos for the yearbook...ha!  When I took photos of Laney's class in Kindergarten that was easy compared to THIS.  We got there...well I drove myself...I was not going to ride the bus...and after the groups got assigned to their leaders it was like "ok go where ever you want!" and everyone split!  How was I supposed to take photos of them?  I followed Ava's group but they did no such thing as walk...they RAN thru the entire museum!  The only time we saw the other groups was at a scheduled event at the planetarium!  I wish I had that energy.

The museum was totally awesome! ;D


Here's my layout for day 3.  I've used all my products.


I was happy to learn that my Thanksgiving layout (below) was featured here.


Sharing time!!!!  Here are some December daily pages from my friends using my designs...first up is Jill doing a page about herself...her first one!  Yay!!!


Here's Wendy's Day 3 layout.  Visit her blog post here and leave her some love! ;D  She's doing a marvelous job using my designs and keeping up with the December daily...a brand new thing for her!


2 Responses

  1. WendyN
    Ya know Jen blurry photos may be perfect to show the energy of the kids. The two photos you've shown are good and I understand completely how difficult it is to shoot inside where the lighting is bad. Love your day 3 layout, perfect :) Jill's layout is sweet, we always need to do a layout of ourselves once in awhile!
  2. What a great picture of the dino and the kids! I'm can't wait to see some of the others... I feel ya on the energy at the museum - what chaos. But, the kids loved it, learned a little, and we all made it back to school safe and sound, that's about all I can ask for. :-)