December Daily Day 2

I wanted to get a photo of Ava today...specifically of her opening the Advent calendar.  I thought of it last night but was so afraid that since she wakes up at the crack of dawn...way before any of us are even semi conscious...that she would have already dove into it.  Much to my surprise...she had not...and when I came down the stairs she ever so quietly, humbly and cutely asked if she could open her day!  I said of course but wait, wait, wait till I got my camera 'cause I wanted to get a photo.  She doesn't humor me much these days with the camera unless she's in the right mood...most often crossing her eyes or doing something goofy...but this morning she was all for it...I got the "perfect" shot for my December Daily album...

I'm feeling quite a bit under the weather today...but am hoping to work on the December Daily Album a bit so I can post what I have so far...if I don't collapse on the couch...;(...then I'll make another post some time today...if not then definitely I'll post what I have so far tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you are all clicking away and posting stuff on the Gallery!!! ;D  (See yesterday's post)

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  1. great photos as usual! hope you're better today!!! have an awesome day!