December Daily Album…so far

I am really not feeling well.  It's such a bummer...this time of year.  My good friend Jill just had her bday and I feel like I've dropped the ball w that.  Laney's bday is today and I'm feeling soooo guilty.  Sigh...guess I just have to lay here and get rest to get better.  Not easy for me to do...grrr.

I promised to post what I had done so far on my December Daily Album.  I had all this done yesterday...just had to take photos...which I did this a.m.  That's the only thing I did...after I got the girls ready for school.

At first I was upset that there wasn't more embelishments.  And as I go I'm sure I'll find stuff that I'll add in there...but honestly...I kinda like the "simple-ness" of it...the focus of the words and the photos.

I haven't gotten any daily photos for today yet.  But I'm sure I will as it's Laney's birthday and we are going out tonight.  Better take a nap and rest up for it!  Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. okay, so can I say.... I'm completely jealous!!! this album is FANTASTIC!!!! can you make one for me??? giggle! giggle!.... after seeing this I think I'm going to have to get cracking... you're making me look bad... tee hee... anyway... love the new stuff... photo and this album... again... WONDERFUL... FANTASTIC... STUPENDOUS... UNBELIEVALE!!! PS happy happy birthday to Laney!!!