I've been trying to design my own digital paper for about a week now.  I've had the idea in my head ever since starting digital scrapbooking but obviously didn't have the skill then...not sure I do now but hey you never know until you try, right?  Now I admit I'm not an expert at these this...have never claimed to be.  I've done a little...very little...searching on the internet for some tutorials on how to make your own digital paper.  Most I didn't like.  I think I'll have to do some more digging.  I got a couple of individual ideas, however, and have been playing around with different techniques just trying to get it to look like I want.  Some have been complete and utter failures!  But how do we learn best?  Usually by failure! ;D

I developed a paper yesterday that I was pretty proud of.  Proud enough to post it on my site and to do a lo with it.  I would love to have your opinions on it...be gentle please! ;D lol!  It's always nerve-wracking when you put your own work out there...but gotta start somewhere!  So here I leap...


And then here is my paper with the layout that I did...

Button Trees

Red Paper No.1 Jen Maddocks
Katie Pertiet Primarily Buttons
Lynn Grievenson flower + white buttons from Flitter kit
Brushes by mutsie found on deviantart.com
Ali Edwards 31 Days Circle Accents
Katie Pertiet Barely There Brushes n Stamps Alpha + Numerical set
Fonts: King, Corsiva

4 Responses

  1. Well... you've done it... it looks great. I love the edges and the color is perfect! Love how the layout turned out... I think you've done a fabulous job... keep it up, you're doing great... I'm very proud of you! Toots and hugs for Jen!
  2. Wow Jen, You are brave I must say. I am STILL not ready to create any paper on my own. Way to go getting out of your comfort zone. I am a bit behind blogging and so before I do anything else off to blog land I go.
  3. Jeni
    I think this is very nice. I keep looking at it trying to decide if it looks like a painted canvas or handmade paper. I tried making paper years ago, and this is reminiscent of that. Love the edges! Yay you.....again!
  4. Jill
    I really like this. It truly looks painted and i like the page you made with it. So will u be selling or sharing in the future? :)