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The trampoline got set up last night...all but the sides.  Then we tried to locate it in its permanent home but we need some stones and fill to make it even.  But the kids were just so eager to use it....they've been waiting since Christmas!!!  The girls loved "helping" Dad put it together.  The handed him springs.  They were underneath the trampoline.  Every time he needed one you'd see this little hand come up with a spring in it.  So adorable!!!


It is supposed to go a little further into the corner of the yard closer to the fence...off the grass but there is a low spot in there we have to fix first.


So...no...again...the sides aren't up yet.  Don't comment to me about that.  I'm well aware. ;D

Today I had to get Ava a new jacket.  The zipper broke on her current one.  With Colorado weather being what it is...she still needs a warm one.  The only place to get a decent jacket (in my opinion) this time of year is REI.  I'll go to the thrift store for anything...I'm not that snobby...except for shoes and jackets...those are my sticklers...my girls have got to be warm and they've got to have decent shoes!  Weird maybe but that's just me.  Although I will say I got her last jacket at the thrift store and it was REI brand...brand new...for $20!  Woohoo!  So I went to REI this morning and I got her a nice jacket...which wasn't all that cheap...but on the clearance rack I found a pair of capri pants for Laney.  The tag said $8.83.  I thought that was a good deal...for REI...so I decided to get them as well.  When the cashier rung them up they rang up as $0.03!!!!!!!!! He thought it was a mistake so he scanned them again.  Nope...no mistake...so I walked away with a really nice, yet expensive, jacket for Ava and a smokin' pair of capris for Laney for 3 cents!  Can't beat that!!!  Here they are on said child...


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  1. First off gotta love a blad guy assembling a trampoline! Way to go on the 3¢ capris! That really rocks. I am the same way on shoes at the thrift store. Although, if I found Jimmy Choo's in my size I would buy them. On coats I check the thrift stores first! In the Phoenix area we were coats for warmth maybe a week a year. When we lived in Flagstaff, I would buy coats that were my child's next size up so they would last 2 years. Of course this will not work to buy a three month old a size 18 month old coat (at least my kids).
  2. corey
    Who's that bald guy assembling your trampoline???
  3. I can't say as I blame the girls for wanting to try out the trampoline, especially since they've been waiting since Christmas, Yikes!! I'm shocked a pair of capri's for .03 cents...Wow!! Good job and Great deal!