Daily Life.

I have to admit, sometimes life gets the better of me.

I try to keep it all together.  But really there are just some things that crawl under my skin, sit there and fester.

I try to determine how much of my life to share on my blog and how much of it to keep to myself.  In this age of Facebook and Twitter and blogs, I think we tend to share too much.

So when "life" happens to me...and it's been happening a lot...my blog usually end up suffering.  Because I can't write.  Followed closely by work, because I get creative block.  With work I can sometimes get away with it because I've been a few weeks ahead.  But life has really been hitting hard so I'm pretty much done with "being ahead". 🙁

When my creative outlet is gone I get pretty cranky.  It's probably more than 50% of who I am.  Cleaning the house helps.  One of the standard jokes about me is if I'm cleaning...furiously...either someone is coming over, or I'm mad.  It's usually the latter.

As I digress...I'm thinking there's got to be a way that I can compartmentalize things...like men do.  But I've never been able to figure it out.  It just all meshes together.  Oy.

Maybe there's a spell for it...;D

2 Responses

  1. great photo... and get the cleaning furiously thing... and me it's the latter too... wish I could too let things not get to me so much!!! HOpe all is better now... {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. hehe, luv the picture. hugs to ya girl..hope life gets a lil easier and not so busy. and if you find a spell that works...help a digi sista out ;)!