Custom Fit

Here's a clever idea for customizing your pages.  It is using your sewing machine to sew custom "pockets" in your page.  I use American Crafts albums.  So the pages I use are American Crafts.  However, I'm sure this would work on whatever type of top loading slip cover album pages you might use.  This technique is not unique to me.  I've seen it done before...unfortunately I cannot remember where or I would definitely link it for you.  I have read about Ali Edwards doing similar techniques on her blog.

Take your 12 x 12 page and score it for the size squares you wish to make.  For this example I did 4 x 4 inch squares so that's what I'll be talking about for the rest of this post.  But you can do whatever size you wish.  I did this with a ruler and the back side of my exacto knife.  Just score not cut!!!  Basically you want to make marks...guidelines...for you to use.

I know it's a little faint but I wanted to have a photo of the score marks so you could see what I mean...

Then I just used my sewing machine on a basic stitch and sewed on the score lines.  I used black thread.  I think white would be a good choice too...basic colors that won't compete with your photos or whatever you choose to put in your "pockets".

Then what you are going to want to do is cut the top of each "pocket" through both layers with your exacto knife stopping at the vertical stitch.  You don't need to do this at the top row because it is already open.  So you are basically going to cut the top of the middle row and the top of the bottom row.  Then just slide your photos in from the top of each pocket!

And here is my finished page...

And here it is in the two page spread that I created...

If you have done this before tell me how you made out with it...or if you try it let me know how it works and if you have any photos...send me links!!! ;D

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