Cleaning the Playhouse

So the girls cleaned out the playhouse yesterday.  We are getting ready to sell it...since they don't really use it anymore.  They have agreed to it and have agreed to use the money we get from it to use toward a trampoline.  Now I wish I could say this was their idea, totally unprompted, angels that they are.  But no...

...see they had lost pretty much all their privileges for that day because of their behavior the night before at Sam's Club.  Sigh. While in Sam's...after the bad behavior...they saw the trampoline they wanted.  That triggered the conversation about getting one.  Which made me remind them about selling the playhouse first...etc, etc.

With all options taken away from them...the only thing left for them to do guessed!!!  So their brilliant scheme of the morning was to clean out the playhouse.  I was so proud...were it not for the fact that they wouldn't have come up with it on their own had they not had all the other distractions of tv, Webkinz and everything else at their disposal...another sigh.

Here they are.  They did an EXCELLENT job!!!

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