Christmas LO

I've been working on this lo for a couple of nights.  Just couldn't quite get it done...but had a few moments to myself this morning so I finished it.  I downloaded some new stuff from Jen Wilson Designs the other day.  Oh so nice!  And I really wanted to use them so...

Design + Photos by Jen Maddocks copyright
Flourishes by
All paper, letter font + other elements Jen wilson Designs
Font: King

I was thinking of uploading it to the Wacom Pen Scrappers contest.  Hey...have any of you done that yet???  It cannot hurt!!  It will help you work on your skills cause,'ll be doing some digi layouts...and I'll bet you'll be doing your best work cause it's for a contest.  And if you win you might just get some nifty prizes!  Go check it out here!!! ;D

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  1. Love this page!!! Really great job!!! Love the colors, photos... well, everything... you out did yourself!!! good job as usual!!! Hugs. M