Caught Up, Organizing, Creating + Other Stuff, You?

I'm going thru all my layouts.  I want to print know, rather than have them sit on my computer for the rest of their lives...;D  Either just as layouts or as a photobook.  I can't decide.  But either way I would like to have everything done in 2009 from January till now.  Especially if I'm going to do a photobook.  What's the point, I say, to spend all that money if it doesn't have some kind of logical order? ;D  So in doing so I have gone thru and looked over all my layouts.  I've done quite a few.  Several observations.

1.  I love digital scrapbooking.  I mean really, really!!!!

2.  Looking over what I've accomplished made me excited and motivated about the future!

3.  Project 365 was a great idea and got me in the habit of scrapbooking weekly, heck...daily!!!! and taking photos and taking my camera around with me all the time.  So even tho I abandoned it I'm okay with that. ;D

I'm trying to fill in the events that I didn't scrap yet.  So here are two layouts that I did this weekend to help me with my goal of getting everything from this year till now scrapped.


paper Eternal JMDesigns
template Designer Digitals Everyday Inspiration Layered Template Katie Pertiet
stamp words Mary Ann Wise


paper Marvelous JMDesigns
Template Everyday Inspiration Challenge 10-26-08 Designer Digitals Anna Aspnes (altered)
journaling freebie Designer Digitals Andrea Victoria
Postage Stamp Frames No2 Curled-n-Flat Katie Pertiet
stamp French Summer Lynn Grievenson
Digital Poetry Katie Pertiet
flower Enamored Kelly Thompson
Template Everyday Inspiration Challenge 10-26-08 Designer Digitals Anna Aspnes (altered)

Since I enjoyed the concept so much (remember my favorite movie layout from this post?) I decided to do another Favorite Thing Challenge.  I was thinking since it is so hard for most of us...myself scrap about myself...scrapping about my favorite things seems a pretty good way to scrap about myself.  Then wouldn't it be fun to put all those pages together in a book about yourself?  If not for yourself but for your kids or something?

So my favorite food challenge page...


paper Neutrals, Damask JMDesigns
12x12 Page Hipster Plume FotoBlenz No.2 Anna Aspnes
brush set House of 3
tag Thank Ya Kindy Jessica Sprague
File Cards No1 Curled-n-Flat Katie Pertiet

So while I'm thinking of it...I've been listening to Pandora.  I guess cause I found an app for it for my phone.  Love it!  Found songs that I haven't heard in years!

Having issues with ACDSee Pro.  So frustrating.  Corey found me a test beta version of Pro 3 that they have released.  Installed it yesterday.  Seems to be working well so far.  I was really struggling because I was trying all other kinds of image organizing software and nothing was really working for me.  I just like ACDSee so well and seems like they are doing nothing to fix the older version...the one I have is having compatibility problems with Vista and Windows 7.  I guess they are putting all their efforts into the newer version.  I guess that makes sense.  Sometimes I hate technology.

Caught a cold from Ava.  Gotta love the kiddos going back to school.  Even something small like a cold slows me down.  I hate being sick. 🙁

The girls have "moved in together" because I'm painting Ava's room.  Only things have delayed it.  The girls have been fighting more because of sharing a room.  I've GOT to finish painting in there THIS WEEK and move Ava back in there!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

How was your weekend???

15 Responses

  1. Okay, I REALLY want some of that cake! Fantastic! Thanks so much for playing along!
  2. Loooove your layout, great work!! thanks for playing along with us!!
  3. Oh my gosh! You rock @ digital scrapbooking! Some yummy DD pieces you've used for the layouts :) The chocolate cake, it looks so delicious I'd love to reach into the screen to get it - awsome photo & great design! :D
  4. yeah Jen... I'm so happy your playing along... and as far as that cake... it's chocolate... so I MUST LOVE IT... as for the BEST MOLTEN LAVA CAKE... you have to try Flemmings!!!! it's amazing... as for the lo!!! it's amazingly delicious... I love the pink and the journaling... it's so great!!! love love love this... I just want to scoop it up and take a bite!!! Now the other lo's... love them... they are so fun... love the memories and getting caught up it's the best!!! great job as usual!!! {{BIG HUGS}} Michelle
  5. Ann
    Jen, wow this design of that cake is stunning, and I love your beautiful valentine LO too. you are doing wonderful work. Ann
  6. This looks absolutely YUMMY!!! Beautiful layout, great journaling! Thanks so much for playing along with us! XXXJenneke
  7. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm. Molten cake. Yum. This layout is really great. So excited you are playing along!
  8. Beautiful pictures!! (The picture of the cake is right up my ally) - Very cool.
  9. holy chocolate molten cake!!!!!! that looks so delicious. your layout is absolutely stunning! thanks so much for playing along with us! we totally appreciate it! :) hugs to you, sarah.
  10. Oh my gosh, that cake looks so incredibly GOOD! Yum!! Adorable LO & great journaling, too! Thanks SO MUCH for playing along with us! :-)
  11. Julie
    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the yummy cake and love love love that soft pink background!!! Thanks sooooooooooooooo MUCH for playing along with us and for making me HUNGRY! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)
  12. Wow, you have been busy! I am still in a time warp with ACDSee 9! I know, I need to get with it and upgrade. did you loose all your organizing when you upgraded?
  13. Chris
    Just love your style and especially your molten chocolate layout - I really like how the photo just sort of flows out into the layout. I am trying to teach myself digi and it's going a little slow but when I look at what you create, I feel very enthused to learn. Your layout is just beautiful and the journaling is so real. thanks so much for playing along with us at TAAFOMFT.
  14. your layout!!LOve your design and the digi papers you use...beautiful colors and I love your journaling!Oh my this is sooo delicious!Thank you so much for playing along with us and that book about yourself is such a great idea!! Love your blog design and your title...And those other LO's are stunning too!
  15. Aww Jen sorry you caught a cold, that is NOT fun! Hope you recover quickly. I love what you did with the older photos of Laney and what you did with them...Yes we definitely need to get caught up! Mmmmm to favorite foods that chocolate Molten cake looks good!! I think it's important we remember to scrap our favorites, how else will our ancestors know us? Great job beautiful layouts! Thanks for sharing :o)