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Bricolage Monthly March 2018

Bricolage Monthly is a monthly offering of art journal materials designed to coordinate with the Bricolage Society Challenge that you can find in The Studio forum. March’s collection has bright colors, vintage images, abstract art, with a hint of spring time, and also trying to truly bring the spirit of Bricolage into a digital kit…completely random items. This collection is perfect for art journal!

This collection is now in my shop and on sale for 30% off!

And for your convenience the entire collection is together in one bundle and priced at 40% off!!

Here is what I did with this collection...

Here are some wonderful Creative Team inspirations for you with this collection...

From Jane...

From Gina...

From AJM...

From Diane...

From Jeannette...

From Rochelle...

Also NEW in my shop...

Cherish your busy-dramatic-memorable-humdrum-everyday-life with our February collection, Each & Every Day. In shades of turquoise, gray & navy, you'll find a wide variety of papers & elements suitable for nearly any moment. So you can document your life, Each & Every Day. It's in my shop and 30% off! (This was part of the FWP February at The Studio so please check your stash before purchase!)

This is what I did with it...

I hope your week is fabulous!





Bricolage Monthly :: January 2018

Are you a part of the Bricolage Challenge that I host? Well we are on our THIRD year of this challenge series! I love this challenge series and I though I would add a little something to it by creating a monthly collection of products to coordinate with each month's challenge! I'm so very excited to introduce January's collection to you!

And for your convenience the entire collection is together in one bundle and priced at 40% off!

Here is what I did with this collection...

And here are some fabulous Creative Team inspirations for you...

From Flor...

From Kelly...

From Ann...

From Gina...

From Diane...

From Ange...

Yearly Subscription Special Offer!

Bricolage Monthly is a monthly offering of art journal materials designed to coordinate with the Bricolage Society Challenge that you can find in The Studio Forum.

This is the entire 2018 collection. Each month new material will be added that will coordinate with the Challenge Series in the Forum; materials like elements, papers, brushes, transfers, word art and many more perfect for your Bricolage journey!

Subscription members get each month automatically added to their account. Convenient. Creative.

For more information about Bricolage please check the forum, my blog or contact me directly.

JANUARY ONLY - save 10% Off the yearly subscription
*contact customer service for refunds on monthly purchases after a yearly subscription is purchased

Bricolage Challenge :: January 2018

If you haven't already, please stop on by the challenge series in the forum! January is a great starting point! I would love to see you there! You get another great freebie and we have a fantastic time there!
Join me!!!!

I hope your week is wonderful!


Sweet Thanks

Hello my friends!  It's been a bit since I posted.  I had some heath issues that set me off my feet for October.  Just now getting back into the swing of things.  I've got two new releases in my shop today.  I hope you are having a wonderful Veteran's Day!!

You can find these products in my shop and at 30% off right now until November 25th!




Here's what I did with this kit...


And here are some artful inspirations from my team...


My other new release this week is a set of templates.  Note:  I am now offering my templates in png as well as PAGE formats!




And here are some artful inspirations from my team...

Jen Maddocks Designs: ArtMarks Templates No1, Sweet Thanks Font: Pea Chrissi



Have you joined me in the Bricolage Challenge Series?  Here's what's going on for the month of November...


Here's my take on this challenge...


And lastly, I'm holding my annual Creative Team Call.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!




Faithbooking Faithfulness…it’s all NEW!!

This week's new release is another wonderful installment of the Faithbook Series Fruits of the Spirit.  This month's highlight is Faithfulness.

Faithbooking Faithfulness focuses on the Fruits of the Spirit “faithfulness” with soft greens, blues and purples.  This kit is designed to follow along with the Faithbook Scrapbooking June prompt for our Slack group.  Great for scrapping your art journaling faith based pages within that group or for your own use.  There are enough elements in this kit for those of you who are not of a religious background.

Did you know that I have my own shop right here on my blog?  You don't even have to leave this site to grab these wonderful new products!!  (While not all of my products are there I am working on adding them all.  Check back frequently!)

So you have two great places to shop my products.  Here on my site and also at The Studio!

You can find these new products in both places at 20% off.  Purchase the Bundle and save 40% off!!

FB Faithfulness {Kit}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-kit
FB Faithfulness {Papers}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-pp
FB Faithfulness {Constellations}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-constellations
FB Faithfulness {Photo Masks}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-pmasks
FB Faithfulness {Ombre Papers}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-ombrepp
FB Faithfulness {Word Art}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-wa
FB Faithfulness {Bundle}folder-jmadd-fbfaithfulness-bundle

Here's some artful inspirations for you that were made with this collection...

From me...



From Anja...


From Joanne...



From Diane...


From Jeannette...

4A-Child's-Faith Jeannette

And from Kerstin...


In addition to new products, my Bricolage Challenge for July is now up in The Studio forum.  Please stop on by!  I'd love to see you there!!


Have a wonderful weekend and for my American friends, Happy Independence Day!!



Open for Goodness

Ah, June.  I'm working with my office window open.  For now.  Until the summer heat gets too much and I have to run the AC.  I love this time of year.  Sunny and 75-80 degrees is my kind of weather.  It's good for my soul.

Speaking of good...this week's new release is another installment of the Faithbooking series.  This set focuses on Goodness.  I am getting used to a different work schedule since the girls have been out of school.  Getting a complete collection done proved problematic this week.  I hope things become easier in the weeks to come as I balance work and family time.  Fortunately my girls still want to hang with me even tho they are teenagers!!
You can find my latest release in my shop and at 20% off!!

Faithbooking Goodness {Kit}


Faithbooking Goodness {Papers}


Faithbooking Goodness {Ombre Papers}


Faithbooking Goodness {Word Art}


Here are some wonderful inspirations for you...

From me...



From Jeannette...


From Ann...


From Judy...


From Kerstin...


And from Diane...


The new challenge for June Bricolage Society is up in the forum.  If you haven't stopped by to check it out I'd love to have you!  Here's what it looks like:


And here's what I did with it:


I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!



It’s my birthday…and a few other things

I was chatting with Danielle of the Urban Fairy the other day and while talking we were excited to discover that we share the same birthday!  Woohoo!  There was no way were going to let something like that pass us by so we decided to pair up and give you this wonderful collab in celebration of our special day!  So I (we) give you Memories.  Here's the main inspiration behind it:

“Songs and smells will bring you back to a moment in time more than anything else. It's amazing how much can be conjured with a few notes of a song or a solitary whiff of a room. A song you didn't even pay attention to at the time, a place that you didn't even know had a particular smell.”― Emily Giffin








Here's some wonderful CT inspiration for you...

jmadd-memories-layoutjmaddtuf-memories-&life.sharonjmadd-memories-sharonbMemories Fairy_Angememories_ann_1000Memories1000Kerstinmemories-petra-1000-janeMermories!_AngeFreememories-memoriescollabmemories-HSA-Arty-Inspiration-2-BryonySusans-fbdownloadVanessaR_TUF_JMadd_Memories_HSA-Strip-it-1_Make-a-Wish-1000x1000

My birthday is almost here and so it is time to CELEBRATE!  It's become a tradition for me to do this and this year will be no exception.  I'm so lucky to have the best fans and customers!  Thank you all!!


Today I have the DOTD (Deal of the Day) at The Studio.  This Deal is 70% and is an old favorite.  If you never got this kit now would be a great time!!!


In addition to this deal I also have a WONDERFUL freebie to go along with it.  Enjoy!!


Lastly I want to share with you that the forum and gallery at The Studio are finally up and running!  YES!  And I have a wonderful challenge series going on over there that I would love for you to join me in!  It's called the Bricolage Society and I know you are going to love it as much as I do and the people who have already discovered it!  Here's just a preview of what it looks like and please stop by the forum for the FREEBIE that goes along with it and for the rest of the challenge rules!  I'd LOVE to see you there!!


I hope you have a great weekend!!