Capturing Me…capturing it

Corey took his Kodak point-and-shoot on vacation and took photos as well.  Little did I know that he was capturing me.  It was fun to see these photos later.  I loved his perspective from the adventures we were taking and I loved the fact that he took photos of me because I so often don't get in the photos cause I'm behind the camera.  It was neat to see what I look like when I'm taking photos and adjusting my camera.  I've actually never seen that aspect of me before.


So here is just a few images of what I was seeing through my lens on Sunday last week on the first day of our vacation...our "travel day".









4 Responses

  1. what can be said but... pure beauty!!! hope you all had a fab time. {{Hugs}} Michelle
  2. Wendy
    Awesome photos, you rock! So does Corey for capturing you at your best!! I love the photo of the yellow trees framing the canyon walls, that is sweet!! Do we get to see more photos? LOL...Stay warm :o)
  3. Jeni
    Fun! I'm glad to see you had a good time, I wish there was a place like that near me that we could go to! So glad Corey got a photo of you, he's very artsy in his own right. And it was so nice to see my friend! Welcome home! Love you!!
  4. Ann
    Hello Jen, welcome back!. I love, love these pictures, what a wonderful capturing of the moments. You are sure very busy with your camera girl! Ann