Capture the Weekend

You've often heard me write that Ali Edwards gives me inspiration.  I read her blog everyday.  Today's post was another great one. I'm going to play along.  She has got a freebie over there on today's post as well.  (I've used her freebie in the photo below.)  I love freebies...and I know you do too!!!! ;D

Here's the start of my weekend.  The lilacs in my yard are starting to really open up.  I can smell them all the way in the house when I have the back door open.  And they are not right by the door either!  I'm so very thankful for loaded bushes this year.  Again it reminds me of my wedding, and Ava's birth and spring and new life and my best friend in Maine. ;D  Ahh...I bet you can smell 'em now too!  Ava loves them too and I think as a surprise for her I'm going to go cut some and put them in her room.  She will love, love, LOVE that!  So enjoy your weekend!  I'm going to!!!


Katie Pertiet 4x6 frame
Ali Edwards Weekend Freebie

2 Responses

  1. Jill
    Awesome pics. Very pretty flowers. Such a good gardener. I took some pics of my mother's day flowers. You will be impressed not of the pics but of the flowers, i got sunflowers and purple iris's and NOT from walmart. See I told you, impressed huh! miss ya bunches. havent' seen ya on chat.
  2. Oh How I love Lilacs, miss them too! Lilacs always meant spring to me. You are very blessed, enjoy their sweet scent for me too!! My Mother was going to pack some blooms in a cooler and send them to me next day mail, lol...Thanks for the fantastic photo!