I love burning candles.  I love burning them for no particular reason.  No one is coming over.  No one is going to see except me.  They are just for me.  What a treat.  They make the house look so wonderful!  Light a candle...even if it's just for you!!!!!!!!!  In fact you should just do it for yourself.  I heard so many women at the crop weekend talking about all the things they do for others and not for themselves.  Noble.  But don't forget to take care of yourself...or you will have nothing left to give anyone else!!! ;D

Ok...well the girls are going to see...and I want them to...I want them to see me lighting candles for no other reason than to light them.  They love seeing burning candles as much as I do and I hope they in turn will do the same thing for themselves when they become adult women.

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  1. really nice photos!!!