Butterfly Pavilion

Yesterday we took a trip up to the Butterfly Pavilion.  We've been there before but not for awhile.  It is basically an indoor museum (of sorts) that has live bugs, some ocean life and an indoor tropical area full of butterflies that you can walk through.  The butterflies are loose and fly all around you.  It is fantastic!

In the bug department they have a tarantula that people can hold.  Ava said she definitely wanted to hold it this trip.  And she did!  You wouldn't catch me doing it in a million years! ;D


There were tons of creepy bugs.  All behind glass where they belonged!  The best ones, we thought, were the leaf bugs and the stick bugs..."I'm the only stick with EYEBALLS!" to quote a famous bug movie. ;D


In the ocean area we have Dory..."Just keep swimming..."


And Laney doing a lot of investigating with a magnifying glass.


Last but not least the butterflies.











Corey was commenting to me how happy I looked.  I was having fun with my camera.  It reminded us of the last time we went.  All I had was a point and shoot and I wanted to get better shots of the butterflies but I couldn't and I was frustrated.  Not so this day!  The girls were older and could go ahead.  They found all kinds of discoveries and couldn't wait for me to "catch up" to where they were.  "Hurry up MOM!"  Just before we left there was a butterfly release of some newly hatched butterflies.  That was a lot of fun.  The butterflies weren't very good at flying and so they were not flying very far from the guy releasing them.  They were landing on all of us.  It was cool.  A great way to "catch" butterflies since you aren't allowed to touch them while in there...not technically anyway! ;D  Several landed on Corey.  They liked him.  Ava caught one and I had to keep getting them off Corey. ;D


3 Responses

  1. Wendy
    You have no idea how envious I am. This is absolutely wonderful!! Yea to Ava for being daring and letting the tarantula on her and love the photo of Laney with the newly hatched butterfly. I absolutely love all the butterfly photos, lol, you knew I would. I'm stunned at all the cocoons/chrysalis's (sp.), wow. We went to a place similar to this in Moody gardens-Galveston Texas and it was awful. No butterflies and their gardens were terrible. So glad you went and so glad you had fun!!
  2. Oh, I love that place! I used to do a lot of travel to Colorado Springs for work and made a lot of day trips to Westminster to just see the butterflies and play with my camera. Such great photos!
  3. I would not hold a tarantula in a million years either! They are really cool to look at though. We saw one crossing the road here in Arizona once on a road trip. Your photography is amazing. Love the bokeh. Keep it up and keep having fun.