Breaking into Digital Scrapbooking

I really like hands on.  That and I'm just mystified by Photoshop.  These and a host of other reasons are why I never thought I'd break into the digital scrapbooking world.  Maybe go hybrid (mixing some digital with traditional) one day but certainly not 100% digital.

Last week Ali Edwards had a great bunch of posts on digital scrapbooking on her blog.  Very simple and easy.  She's brilliant!!!  I was able to follow the instructions very well and even able to go beyond what she was introducing and not be completely dumbfounded by Ali suggested on her, save, save!!!!  What's the worst that could happen?  I mess up and have to go back to the original?  After all...what is the creative process anyway...trial and error!!!!  More error??? 😀  Don't we learn more by failure than success?

If you are interested in checking out what she had posted go here, here, here and here.

After reading her weekly series I did two 100% digital layouts...and loved them.  The first one I entered into the Ultimate Summer Challenge last week and got into the top ten!  Thanks Ali!!!!  You are a great inspiration to me!!!

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