Bouquet of Pencils

With fall comes school supplies and...


I'm sending these to one of the girl's teachers tomorrow.  She will totally "get it" when she gets them! ;D  Before watching the clip below, can you tell me what movie this quote is from (in the photo above)?

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4 Responses

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  2. UMMMMMMMMM yea.... You've Got Mail... one of the most fun movies ever.... it's on my top 19 list of movies... thanks for sharing this and the great idea!!! I know the teacher will love it and if she doesn't ... you can always send them to me... I totally appreciate them!!! LOL! {{BIG HUGS}} Michelle
  3. Oh I love it!! I am just now writing a post about my end of this gift. Thank you, thank you!
  4. Ann
    I forgot to ask... how are you doing? I hope you are feeling better, I sent you an email with one of my creations. Ann
  5. Ann
    OMG, thisis my most favorite movie of all times. It is from "You've got mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hunks. I watched this movie probably 18 to 20 times, it was the thing to do when doing laundry Sunday afternoon with Melissa. When we want to hung together that is always the movie she would propose to watch. When I saw the picture, I thought about this movie. I can believe you are posting a clip too, so cool!!!! I get it too. I would love a bucket of pencils. Ann