I got about 2 hours of sleep last night.  If you read this blog at all you know I operate quite poorly on small amounts of sleep.  The reason I didn't sleep was because I was in pain.  I'm sick.  Again.  Or still.  However you want to look at it.  I don't talk about it much because I just don't want to dwell on it.  I'm soooooooo over it.  Argh!  So I was laying in bed last night trying to decide if it was better to lay there hoping eventually I would be so exhausted I'd finally drift off or get up and try to do something productive.  I ended up just staying there.  Mind racing.  Not a good thing.

Perhaps because I was overly tired today I really missed the kids.  Maybe I missed them a little too much.  Today they went back to school after being home for two weeks on Christmas break.  I don't know who was more depressed about them being gone.  Me.  Or Baxter. ;D  I was thinking about them going off to college.  And how I don't want them too.  Yeah.  I didn't get enough sleep.

Headed to the dr tomorrow.  I hope they give me some good meds! ;D

Today wasn't all bad.  Corey came home and surprised me with this.

Here are the specs.  Just so you know.  We don't live in the lap of luxury. He does computer work on the side.  When that money comes it we usually play with it.  He found a great deal on this Canon 40D.  I mean great.  My Canon Rebel XT has been having problems for awhile now.  I just haven't said anything.  I told Corey not to buy it.  He surprised me with it tonight.  He said it was a birthaversary present.  That's what he said he was going to call presents now.  Anniversary and Birthday presents for me.  Cause our Anniversary is in February and my birthday is in March.  He made me laugh.  And cry.  ;D  Thank you Honey.  You blow me away.  Now to get better.  So I can play. ;D

4 Responses

  1. you are so lucky!!! great job corey!!\ {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Ann
    Jen, I am so glad he is taking care you you, now get better but take the time you need and me too. Ann
  3. Jill
    That is so awesome. Way to go Corey. Enjoy it. I feel your pain Steven has bronchitis and has had a fever of 103 or higher the last 3 nights. So we have both been up with him for several hours in the middle of night to early morning with him. And of course school started Monday. He won't be going this week, and we go back wed to see if he needs oral steriods. Yuck. Hang in there will be praying for your health. miss ya
  4. Wendy
    Yes, Yes, YES!! Totally love it!! You ROCK!!