Bird’s Eye View

Corey really does have the best ideas. ;D We were trying to decide where to watch fireworks for the 4th.  Lots of places were firing them off on Saturday the 3rd.  One of those places was Glendale...which just happens to be where Corey's office is.  In a high rise.  On the 15th floor.  Facing the directions of where they were going to shoot off the fireworks.

We avoided crowds, parking problems, noisy people, mosquitoes and enjoyed comfy office chairs, air conditioning and hot chocolate!  Oh yeah...and we could see the fireworks just perfectly!  The 15th floor offers some advantages...and so does a private parking lot and a badge to get in the building.  What a neat way to watch them! ;D

My only issue...I still can't exactly figure out my new camera when taking photos at night.  So these aren't the greatest least not how I like them! ;D

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  1. Jen
    Love the fireworks shot!