Before and After

I've always loved those pictures, shows or websites of the "before and after".  Biggest Loser, Oprah's makeover shows, stuff like that.  Well I have one of my own...

Here's the stove in our new kitchen before...

And after...

I love good deals.  I always shop the clearance racks of Target.  I shopped at a different closer to the new house.  The clearance wasn't completely picked over like the one here in Parker.  I got some great baskets for the girls' new bathroom.  These were on clearance for $2.48 marked down from $9.99!

There were a pair of woodpeckers in the new yard yesterday.  I love that we have wildlife in the new place.  We've seen squirrels there too.  The kids were pleased about that.

Here's another view of the backyard.  I can't wait for the leaves to come out!

And then one last picture.  Of Skits.  He is getting so big.  He is starting to look more like a dog and less like a puppy.

4 Responses

  1. love a good deal too... our target... I can never find anything... it's always picked over... lucky you!!! and the stove... just fab!!! Corey... great job on the deal... and great job putting it in!!! BTW speaking of great deals... love love love the weekly freebie on the side of your blog!!!! I got mine!!! thanks!!! Also how are you feeling??? any better??? Still praying for you!!! take care and don't do too much so you're getting sick-er again!!! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Jeni
    Well done! I LOVE a good bahgain! Glad to see you're settling's your health? <3
  3. Wendy
    Dang y'all did really good!! So glad your finding some great deals! Love the backyard and can't wait to see more bird photos! Wow Skit's is growing, he's still cute :o)
  4. corey
    Speaking of good didn't mention I found that stove for $75.00 ;)