Beauty and the Beast

Laney's final dance performance was last night.  What a performance!  Not just Laney and her class...the whole thing!  We were blown away with the talent from the dancers!



And here is Laney posing with Belle.  We got Laney a dozen yellow roses.  That's all she could talk about.  That's all she prayed about when she went to bed.  And...what all the little girls really thought we were going to to with our flowers is throw them up on the stage at them.  How adorable!!!


2 Responses

  1. Wow!! Stunning! Excellant job on the photos Jen...Laney is gorgeous and I can just imagine what the recital was like!
  2. okay, so how cute is Laney... omg... way too adorable... I just love the whole ballet thing...I wish Rainee was girly and wanted to do ballet... it's always been my dream... but alas I have a tom boy... and that's okay... I just love the girly stuff... ahhhhhhhhh maybe someday... Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures and showing us a glimpse of Laney's performance... {{HUGS}} Michelle