Be Free

*****WARNING****** Animated gif below is a tad graphic for younger viewers or weak stomachs. ;D

When you get out of the habit of is really hard to get back into it.  Like my blog.  I love my blog.  But I've kinda gotten out the habit of updating it daily.  It's not all for not good reasons.  But some of it I blame on Facebook.  Really.  I don't remember why I joined and I don't know why I don't quit.  I get sucked into writing short blurbs on there and not thinking past that enough to write a blog post.  What a waste!  I miss my blog! ;D  Does it miss me?

Sometimes things happen...good things...that I can't talk about when they are getting a new job or making a new product and I can't post about until later.  Then by the time they happen I'm just so over it I don't want to post about it.  I should try writing in the moment and post dating the publish date.  I used to do that.  I guess with my recent brush with death...yes I'm still milking THAT one...I've gotten all out of sync with how I used to do things.  That and my new job.  And another new one...that's coming.  But I can't talk about it...yet.  "Rabbit didn't get gobbled up...yet."  -From the Heffalump Movie. ;D

Oh what else have I been doing.  Hmmmm.  Dying of heat stroke.  My gosh it has been soooooo hot here.  I thank GOD (seriously I do) for central air in the new house.  If we didn't have it we would be dying.  It has been in the 90's and 100's for like f o r e v e r!!!  And humid too.  Which is so unlike here (the humid part).  So we've been inside a lot.  And the summer is just flying by.  I had to register the kids for school.  And got them new uniforms for school...well Old Navy was having a sale...can't beat that!  But they go back in like 3 weeks!  Ugh!

I've been scrapping some "alternative" art over at ScrapArtist.  And LOVING it!  I did not see this coming at all.  I used to think that alternative was weird and stupid.  Sorry to be so blunt.  But I'm such a realist its not funny.  Once I started working I got so frustrated cause I felt shoved into a box...having to be quality checked and all this stuff.  It is better now that I "know what I'm doing" but I was feeling a bit like this...

But now I'm feeling better when I do pieces like this...

This challenge was based on the following:  Sherrie Gaynor the author of Creative Awakenings the book we are basing the challenge on calls those little negative voices inside her head The Venomous Toad Committee. This month we are going to get our gremlins out of the way. Let's have some fun with them. Feel free to dress them up or down as you see fit. You could decide to listen and reason with them or just shoot them dead! It's up to you.  Layout credits.

And then this one for this month that is going on right now if you want to dip your toe into this world...

Explanation.  Layout credits.

It probably doesn't hurt and makes me a little happy (ok I admit it...A LOT HAPPY) that I was mentioned on the ScrapArtist blog twice recently (here and here) with this layout...

AND I'm going to be a guest CT member there in August!  Lots of fun stuff!

So I'll leave you with's from Cars.  I've been feeling like Stanley..."Fly away Stanley!  Be free!!" ;D

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