Banana Bread…and the flu

Yesterday I made banana bread and it came out of the oven just before the kids came home.  I opened the front door to let them in and they smelled it immediately!  It was still hot from the oven when we all had some.  Oh so yummy!


And this was the happy face of Ava eating said banana bread.


I am sick with the flu so not much is getting done 'round here.  I hope this doesn't last long.  I can't stand laying on the couch doing nothing.  But my mind won't work well enough for me to be creative.  TV is boring and I'm not sure I can sleep anymore.  Ugh!  I did create a layout just before I got sick that I wanted to post.  I just love getting good shots of Ava.  She has gone thru this phase of not wanting to smile or pose for the camera.  But I think she may be coming out of it...fingers crossed.


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Have a great weekend!

3 Responses

  1. Ann
    Hi jen, I hope you get to feel better soon. Ann
  2. Wendy
    So glad Ava is once again letting Mom take photos and smiling too!! Beautiful!! Love the layout! You are spectacular! Ewww to the flu! Hope you are feeling a bit better! It's no fun but get some rest and pretty soon you'll be right as rain :o)
  3. Jen I love the photos of Ava... an the lo is fab... I hope you're feeling better real soon.... be praying for you... {{HUGS}} Michelle