Back to School Already???

My girls went back to school this week.  I must admit I am not fond of the school year here.  When I went to school it was Labor Day to Memorial Day.  I wish it were true for them.  I know most people are happy to see their kids go back to school.  I miss mine.  And the dogs do too.  They've been moping around getting used to the new schedule of the girls being gone all day.  I'm with the dogs...I feel like moping on the back of the couch too. ;D

This week's new release is just in time for those of you who have kiddos going back to school.  It's called Homeroom and I hope you enjoy it!!  I'm running this new release at 30% off...something I've never done before!  Enjoy even MORE savings when you purchase the Bundle at 40% off!!

Homeroom {Kit}folder-jmadd-homeroom-kit
Homeroom {Papers}folder-jmadd-homeroom-papers
Homeroom {Arrows}folder-jmadd-homeroom-arrows
Homeroom {Alpha}folder-jmadd-homeroom-alpha
Homeroom {Word Art}folder-jmadd-homeroom-wa
Homeroom {Photo Masks}folder-jmadd-homeroom-pmasks
Homeroom {Bundle}folder-jmadd-homeroom-bundle

Here are some artful inspirations from my Creative Team...

From Anja...


From Ann...


From Ange...


From Joanne...

Homeroom_jc_great teacher inspires_1000


From Kerstin...


From Diane...


Have a fabulous weekend!!




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