Back to Normal…Even More

After almost a Kia is finally fixed and running again.  Oh man is it ever nice not to be doing the one car thing!  Why so long you ask?  Well it needed a new engine...and they aren't cheap!  Don't ever buy a Kia.  Just sayin'.

So we drove my little suv over to Roxborough State Park today and went hiking.  So when I say back to normal I mean we are starting to do more and more outdoor adventures like we used to...before I got sick.  And it feels so good...AFTERWARD.  During we have to listen to the girls complain how horrible their lives are and they can't take one more step.  Then when we get home they are like, "That was the best day ever!"  They make me laugh!  They were saying how much they have to write about over summer break when they go back to school.  In an hour they will be saying how bored they are.  Oh, to be a kid!

2 Responses

  1. what a wonderful day!!! and fab photos.... so happy you're getting out and getting back to normal... {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Wendy N
    Yea!! So happy everything is back to normal and that you got the Kia fixed!! I am so loving these photos, awesome park!