As things get busy

I'm making lists.  I'm finishing the decorating.  I just wrote out stuff on the dry erase board for December.  No matter how much I plan ahead December is still an insanely busy month.  The big presents have been ordered and all but one are here.  Tonight the kids are going to help me finish decorating.  I've got my December Daily all mapped out.  Laney's birthday is all planned.  However I'm still getting overwhelmed with everything that is going on this month.  I'm sure this is not unique to me.  So as I start to feel this way I will look at my blog header.  And at this photo and remember why we do this at all.  I will slow down.  I will play Christmas music.  I will enjoy the laughter of my children.  I will enjoy the magic of Christmas.  I will hide gifts in the advent calendar we just got...its "window boxes" are big enough to hide small gifts like earrings and things.  I've already put some in there for the girls.  Will they be surprised!  I will laugh like a child.  Oh, I just ordered twoShutterfly books for the girls for Christmas.  They were both free...I had been saving them. ;D  So happy!  What are you doing today...this day before the 1st of December???


2 Responses

  1. WendyN
    I am sitting here thinking about all I need to do and that I also need to make a list but I don't wanna!! LOL...Your way ahead of me, ekk!! Michael and I did manage to get our advent tree up, Yea! One thing at a time! Now off to bed as I am tired! Night Night :o)
  2. Ann
    Hi Jen, well so busy you are, sounds like a wonderful time for you are your family. Here, doing the Daily December it is a bit different type of work, no pictures yet, different size of papers etc. I am not sure I really liked all I made but trying it as it is something new. No decorations yet and just busy, started shopping today. Ann