Art…we love it

I think it is extremely interesting how things get pass on through a family.  One of the things that runs in mine is that we are artists.  My grandmother was an artist.  My mother is one.  I'm one.  Both girls got it too.  It's one of the most favorite things about me. ;D  The girls have other things they are good at too...but I'm glad they got this particular talent to go along with the others.

Ava had one of her pieces of artwork chosen for the district art show for the county.  It is a very big deal. ;D  We went to look at it on Saturday.  They are all displayed at the large mall in the area.  It is the first one she has had displayed outside of school.  Laney has been chosen a couple of times.  This go around it was Ava's turn. go girl!

4 Responses

  1. lovely... congratulations... love the beauty of what God hands down to each of us... from our past and gives to the future... love that.... {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. Ann
    Oh, how beautiful, congratulations, you got an artist girl at home, just like her Mom. Ann
  3. Wendy N
    wow! It's gorgeous, I love it!! Congratulations AVA!!!
  4. Jeni
    It's beee yooooo teee full! Fantastic eye there, Miss Ava. Very, very proud of you!