Art Museum

We took the girls to the Denver Art Museum today.  I was not sure they were ready for this yet.  But we were watching the local PBS station the other day and they had an ad on there for it and the girls were begging to go!  It just so happened that today was a free day for Colorado residents and so we figured what better way to try it out...we'd be out nothing if they got really bored and wanted to leave in 20 minutes! ;D

Turns out they had lots of hands-on activities for kids.  So we did several of those for the girls.  We looked at some art.  It was a fun family time.  I do want to go back without kids in tow and see more of the artwork...I'm thankful we live in a place that has cultural stuff like take the kids to.






2 Responses

  1. looks like you all had a blast... Love the new photos at top... hope all is well... will chat later!!! {{HUGS}} Michelle
  2. Jeni
    I want a light chair for me!