I just got back from my dr.  All good.  No more coumadin.  It was a little anticlimactic.  As in...I've spent the last year dieing.  To now be free.  She said now go back to living!  It is hard to remember a time when I wasn't sick.  Now it is kinda weird to not have an appointment with her every week.  I'm not sure what I am supposed to feel.  Weird.  That's a good word.

I'm back to work...after an unexpected week off.  The girls had a week off from Thanksgiving.  I didn't really plan to take it off...I was going to do some work...and I did a little here and there.  But I pretty much goofed off with them all week.  I liked it.  I like them!  They are back to school.  The house is strangely silent.  And I'm finding it hard to get back into a routine. ;D

We went to see Tangled on Black Friday.  No shopping.  Just fun.  Fan-tab-u-lous movie.  I highly recommend it.

The kids discovered that we got Rock Band 3 for Christmas. 🙁  Fortunately they haven't discovered the instrument (the new keyboard...yay!) we have bought to go with it! ;D

I've got a new kit in my Scrapable store.  I'm so in love with this kit.  Very fun.  You can purchase it here.  Right now it is 30% off!

Here's a layout I did with it...

Layout credits.

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  1. Ann
    So cool you are all better Jen, I am happy for you! Kit is distinguished and beautiful. Ann
  2. Christmas is a magical time, I believe in it. Stay healthy, stay happy, don´t work too much:) Hugs