Another idea for a December Daily

So you want to do a December Daily but you are feeling a little overwhelmed...just want something to plug photos into...easy peasy?  I found another great idea on Jessica Sprague's blog.  I saw some templates on the Photo A Day gallery and was curious so I did some digging and I found it here and this is what it looks like...

If you go here you can see another layout Jessica did with it.  This is what I did with it tonight...

It is a very nice layout.  Simple and easy to work with.  I didn't change any of the design...just the background paper and the number...and added some swirls...that I got from Jessica's class I took this fall...he he.  The size of the template ends up being 8 x 8 so 1) you can print it at home if you wish without a special big honkin' printer...Jill ;D...and is the perfect size to make a mini album when you are all done with doing a page a day!  And it's not too intimidating for those of you starting out on your digital journey...again Jill ;D...

One more thing to December Daily Photo for today...which technically I took last night...the snow was falling in perfect little flakes yesterday and last night because it was so cold.  Something it doesn't often do around here.  I had to try to catch it on film.  I don't really know how to do it yet...but here's my first attempt ever.  I got one.  Yay me!

Happy Friday!

2 Responses

  1. WendyN
    Wow this is that photo!
  2. Jen Wolff
    I love comments too! Let's me know I have an audience! Love your blog!!!! I'll be back as well!