And the winner is…and camera error message.

...the winner of the album is J e n i!!!!  Congratulations!  I'll get that right out to you! ;D

I know I can't stop talking about my new camera.  However it is my new toy and it is what I'm doing right now.  We took the girls to the indoor pool today.  Something fun and different to do on Fall Break.  This is something I've noticed about my Canon.  I can take photos...specifically action shots...and I can get the exact shot that I want.  With my Kodak the processor wasn't fast enough for me to capture certain action shots...specifically at the pool and so frequently I would get the "after the fact" shot...or try to "guess" when the "moment" would be and push the button "ahead" of time hoping I would get the shot.  I remember one day at the pool late last summer when I finally got some of those shots of the girls jumping into the pool...but I had to work h a r d for them!!!  Today I just clicked at the moment the girls were doing things...specifically Ava jumping in the pool...and the processor in this new camera has the ability to capture exactly what I'm seeing.  How refreshing!!!!  It's fun to not have to think about that aspect of it.  Now I just have to work on o t h e r aperture...

...and why it keeps giving me and Error 99 message.  Ok now that has been stressing me out.  I'll take some photos and then right in the middle of it it will stop and give me that error message.  Corey helped me by doing some research.  We were thinking it was the memory card or the new lens having a combatibility issue...cause that's when it started doing it.  But I want to believe it is just the contacts between camera and lens as suggested in this blog post.  I cleaned them just now.  Fingers crossed....wish me luck!

Here's the photo of Ava at the pool that I was describing...

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  1. corey
    I'm really hoping the fix for the error 99 works!!