And so…

...the illness saga continues.  I'm still not feeling well as you may (or maybe not) know but not really going on about it cause I'm just so sick of being sick and of talking about it.  It is so depressing.  Well my right lung started to really hurt the last two days and I still can't breathe very well and I'm still coughing so I went back to the doctor's office today.  Got a chest x-ray.  Yep.  You guessed it.  I have pneumonia.  So I'm starting another round of antibiotics.  Could this please be the end?  Please.

So having a puppy and everything else that is going on (insert whatever would majorly stress you out here) plus still being sick.  Um.  Could I please have a vacation? ;D

Here's a layout I did with those photos of Skits I took.  I just love these photos!

Be Mine, Valentine Heart Stamps, Ornate Frames all Jen Maddocks Designs

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  1. too too too cute... love this lo! {{hugs}} Michelle
  2. When I used to live in Philly, I always got sick during winters: flu, bronchitis, head-colds, you name them, I got'em ... and at least one of each every year (between October and April), no matter how much I stayed on guard. Now that I'm in Florida, and I've been getting my flu shots every year since '95 I no longer get quite as ill. But the occasional head cold/flu, once a year, still cant be avoided if one gets out of the house,deals with the public or has little wee ones about. So the "bugs" still do get me, though I dont have to suffer nearly as much or as long. I do wish you didnt have to deal with another round of antibiotics ... They're really nasty to my body, their side-effects are always worse than the primary illness in my case - hopefully not in yours. Sorry abt. the long wnd here .. just wanted to say how I enjoy the puppy layout/photographs - ADORABLE! Have patience with the little guy: it takes about one SOLID year to train our fur-babies properly and get them out of puppyhood. If you can, do take him to "puppy schoool" - PetSmart has a good program you might want to check out. I took our Mia (King Charles Spaniel, now 2) and it's VERY beneficial to us all. But lots of patience and spending time with them does WONDERS as well. Get well soon - and enjoy the puppyhood days - they're only little for a very short time!
  3. Wendy
    Love the photos of skits too and love what your doing with them. I hope the meds work and your life destresses a bit...If you need to whine, scream or cry I'm here and I don't mind one bit. Wish I could have taken you and the girls this weekend with us. Y'all would have loved it. Big Huge hugs and lots of prayers coming your way :o)
  4. Ann
    Oh noooo Jen I am so sorry you are so sick. I am glad you went back to the doctors. I wish I could help somehow. Make sure you take care of yourself first this time. Ann