And it all just falls into place…

I've been working on trying to find "my style".  I'm not sure if I'm on the "right track" or on any track at all...  But something that I really love is collages and a general graphic look.  Squares.  Love that type of look.  I've noticed that's something that I've been tagging on  I'm also working on creating some of my own templates in Photoshop.  I created a very simple one the other day and it is in fact...yep...squares. ;D  What is really funny to me is that I went on Ali Edwards blog today to read her Weekend Creative post and I laughed out loud about her post because it goes perfectly with what I've been working on and it compliments it so well...don't you just love it when that kind of thing happens...I didn't plan this...I swear!!!!!  And so here is the layout that I finished today.

Template: Jen Maddocks/jencropable
Paper: LBA Sweet Sensation
G Miller Windchimes
Elements: KPertiet Barely There Alpha
KPertiet Dated Journal
Font Garamond Premier Pro
Lynn Grievenson Barcelona Leafstamp
Michelle Coleman Wild Sorbet Kit Staple
KPertiet Stamped Stitches Brushes-n-Stamps
Ali Edwards Design The Story Word Art + Hand-Drawn Brushes

So go read Ali's post.  She puts things in a way I cannot!!! ;D  Grab some inspiration...see what happens.  I'm very happy with what I did.  It is very simple...yet stylish and elegant, I think.  When I do what comes "naturally" to me is when I'm the most happy in my work.  How about you????

Have a great weekend!

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  2. Jeni
    Beautiful! Looks like you're having so much fun with this! You've really taken scrapbooking and run with it. What I love best about your layout is the subtelty (sp?) of it-the focus is all on your family, and the additions just enhance it. Does that make sense? Well anyway, you know I think you're great!